Kintsugi Course | Precautions

①Regarding materials to be mended <br>Lacquer works better with pottery than with magnetism. Glass does not go well with lacquer. You can mend it, but I don't recommend it because there is a risk of cutting your hand.

(2) Pre-treatment of the vessel to be repaired <br>Remove the dirt on the surface of the scratch before repairing it. Do not use bleach as it may interfere with the hardening of the lacquer. If it is very dirty and you have used bleach, soak it in a very dilute solution and be sure to see the progress. Please do so within your own responsibility.

(3) Lacquer rash <br>Since lacquer that is not dry is likely to cause an allergic reaction, it may cause a rash. We will guide you on how to deal with skin contact, but we recommend that sensitive people wear gloves during the entire process. In addition, lacquer that has dried completely will not cause a rash.